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Great Day For Our Cross Country Athletes

Congratulations to all participants of our Cross Country team. On October 5th, our students displayed excellent sportsmanship and a Christian attitude. Our students placed 1st in 6 out 10 heats. Wow, that is awesome!
Below you will find the names of our 10 ten finishers in each hit. Congratulations to all who participated you are all winners.

Top 10 finishers

Grade 2 1st Hudson.S. 2nd Aidan. C 3rd David F 4th Gabriel. P. 4th Evangeline. P. 5th Jordan G 9th Mason.C 9th Brianna
Grade 3 1st Reid. M. 1st Vincent R. 2nd Kaili. M. 2nd Andreas. S 3rd Jordan.P. 4th Maeve P. 5th Aidan.S. 7th Keely. M. 7th Chase.N.
Grade 4 2nd Ethan. W. 3rd Payton. M. 4th Kaitlyn. D. 5th Charlotte. C. 6th Ophelia. D. 7th Ruby.Z.
Grade 5 & 6 1st Evan.R. 3rd Kayden.N. 8th Shay.M.
Grade 7 & 8 1st Owen.G. 1st Alexandra. A. 10th Nathan M.

We would like to thank Mrs. Ciavarra, Mrs. Caprio, Mrs. Kinsella, Mrs. Russo, Mrs.Stanshall & Mrs. Gunby who coached and organized the team. Also, a thank you to parents that came out to support the children. We are proud of all the student performances. Thank you for your continued support.

Great Day For Our Cross Country Athletes