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Guardian Angels CES 2019 Fundraiser: World's Finest Chocolate's

Event Date: Apr 02, 2019

On April 8th, 2019 we will begin a major fundraising effort and we are asking for the support of all our families. We will be selling World's Finest Chocolate's peanut free 'Gourmet Selection', which contains chocolate covered almonds, mint meltaways, caramel whirls, pure milk chocolate, and chocolate almond bars. Each case contains 30 items. Each items sells for $3.00. $1.41 from every bar sold remains at the school as our profit. That’s $42.50 profit / box sold. A case containing 30 almonds only is available as well, and a number of totally nut free cases are available. Please select 'almond only ' or 'totally nut free' on the page 2 if that is your preference.
We will send home an assorted case containing 30 items with every family (youngest and only) unless you have sent a note to indicate otherwise.
**We encourage payment through SCHOOL CASH ONLINE, as this will save our volunteers a great deal of time. Those paying through school cash online will earn double tickets in our prize draws. Please make out any cheques to Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School.
Please see attached letter for further details

Guardian Angels CES 2019 Fundraiser: World's Finest Chocolate's