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Congratulations Mr. Mesaros - GA Custodian on Receiving the MPP Pandemic Award

Since the beginning of COVID-19, back in March of 2019, Mr. Pino Mesaros, Head Custodian, has been on the front line coming to work each day ensuring the health and safety of all students and staff, including attending to work during remote learning. Mr. Mesaros:

• Is part of our school Pandemic Steering School Committee
• Makes sure all signage was posted throughout the school
• Keeps stock and providing each class with the proper PPE i.e. hand sanitizers, filling up all wall mounts, and regularly refilling individual class and office sanitizing bottles, replenishing other types of sanitizers
• Keeping our classrooms, washrooms, hallways office continuously well sanitized with regular cleaning, deep cleaning when necessary along with his team
• When students are sent to the school isolation room, Pino is called upon immediately once the class is evacuated to go and deep clean the classroom, especially the area where the student occupied, followed by sanitizing the isolation room once the student is sent home; Pino is interrupted several times a day to assist the office with protocol/procedure
• While staff and students are home remotely teaching and learning, Pino along with his custodial staff under his leadership, still had to report to school and continue sanitizing/disinfecting the entire school and preparing the school for a safe and clean return
• Overseeing other projects such as new cubbies for our FDK foyer area, hardwood flooring/painting walls in our portables
• Welcoming and managing Board custodial team and outside contractors when visiting the school to work on our HVAC System and other maintenance work
• As well, Pino is part of our School Joint Health and Safety Committee, attending our monthly inspections, following through on any concerns, and participates in our JHSC Quarterly meetings

As well, please visit our Board website for further recognition at: ...

Congratulations Mr. Mesaros - GA Custodian on Receiving the MPP Pandemic Award