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Principal's Message
Principal's Welcome Message - 2022-2023

Principal's Welcome Message - 2022-2023

Dear Guardian Angels Catholic School Community,

As I continue onto my fourth year as Principal at Guardian Angels, I look forward to serving the Catholic School Community, to enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the model, where 'Each Belongs'.

Through home, parish, and school, we believe that our mission as a school community is to work together as role models, to serve, educate and help each other to become lifelong learners. We do this by drawing upon our diverse talents and cultural heritage in order to build a safe place that fosters learning and reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ.

School Mission Statement (Creed):
As a Guardian Angel, I Promise to lead like Jesus.
I am someone who will bring about peace by forgiving others.
I will take academic and spiritual risks and learn from my mistakes.
I believe in what is right and I will guide others to make the right choices.
I am someone that shows compassion by listening to understand.
I will develop winning habits through repetition, meditation and prayer.
I believe the warmth that kindness brings is reciprocal so I need to make the effort to be kind.
I promise to be an independent respectful learner by always using my God given gifts.
If I live this creed I will inspire others to be a true Guardian Angel and create an environment where each belongs.

School Vision Statement:
If I lead like Jesus, then I will always be reminded to forgive, understand, love and lead.

School Motto:
Forgive, Understand, Love, and Lead

May God bless everyone as we embark on a new school year, wishing all our students great success in all of their academic and extra-curricular endeavors and achievements throughout the school year.

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mr. P. A. Messina