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Medical Forms

Dear Parents/Guardians, please click the following pdf to access and complete the medical form. Please return to school upon completion. If you would prefer to email then email it to

Head Lice (Pediculosis Capitis) Condition

Dear Parents/Guardians, over the last couple of days we have had 3 reported cases of head lice confirmed and treated. We have sent emails to the classrooms affected so Parents/Guardians can be proactive. If you have a child with head lice please report it to the office and we will do our part and notify the parents/guardians in that classroom. We have provided further details about Head Lice procedures for parents which can be found on out website. Just click the link and scroll down. ...

The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB) is
committed to ensuring that all reasonable efforts are made to protect the
health and well-being of our students by creating awareness of head lice and preventing
and\or minimizing the spread of head lice in the schools.

Head lice are wingless insects that live only on the scalp of human beings. They cannot
fly or jump, and they are not found on cats, dogs or any other household pets. The bites
from head lice can cause itching and scratching. Scratching may cause sores which can
get infected. When children play, their heads often touch. Lice crawl from head to head.
Head lice are spread by direct head to head contact only. (Facts of Lice, 2003, Hamilton
Public Health and Community Services Department)

Based on the current medical research, it is essential that head lice be treated
with two applications of an approved treatment seven days apart.

Procedures for when Head Lice is identified:
1) Parents/guardians of students identified with head lice will be notified by the
school and will be required to seek treatment for the child.
2) Parents/guardians are required to complete the first application of an approved
treatment prior to the student returning to school.
3) Parents/guardians are required to complete the Verification of Treatment form
and return it to the school when the student returns following the first application
of an approved treatment.
4) If the Principal has concerns that an individual case of head lice is an indication
of a larger concern, the Principal may consult with the school’s designated social
5) All parents/guardians of students in a class in which a student or students are
found to have head lice will be notified.
6) A school may designate a specific day or days for screening all students for head
lice, using trained resource persons.
7) Parents are reminded to take responsibility to check their child’s hair frequently
and to co-operate by administering an approved treatments recommended by a
pharmacist or medical practitioner when needed.

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